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Round Hill GID is looking for an Operator In Training (OIT). The OIT is an entry level position. Basic knowledge of water treatment and distribution industry is preferred, but not required. Please see our website www.rhgid.org for job description and application, or call 775-588-2571. RHGID is an equal opportunity provider and employer. Deadline to apply is 10-19-2018.

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 TWSA Concerned by Tahoe Keys Potential Herbicide Use

Drought-Tolerant Landscaping

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Twenty-First Century Waterfall
Animating Water Bottle Recycling Rates

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09-24-08 | Water Tank Replacement/Rehabilitation

One future project the District is working on is the replacement of two of our storage tanks. One tank is located at the District offices and the other is located at Zone 2. Both tanks are decades old and are constructed of concrete. Neither tank meets the current standards for seismic strength. The tanks have had numerous leaks in the past, and need to be structurally redesigned and reconstructed.

The tank at the District offices is a 250,000 gallon tank and will be the first to be replaced. In order to ensure uninterrupted water supply and fire protection during construction, the new tank will be built first, then the existing tank will be repaired/replaced; leaving the office site with two tanks. Having two tanks at the District office site will allow for redundancy in the event that one tank needs to be taken down for maintenance or repairs.

Redundancy is the reason that the Zone 2 site already has two tanks. However, the 500,000 gallon tank there utilizes the same construction methods as the tank at the office site that needs to be replaced. Since there are already two tanks at this site, the District will be able to dismantle and replace the deteriorated tank without interrupting service.

This entire project will serve the District for the next 50—100 years, and will increase the amount of storage in the system by 500,000 gallons to help enhance fire fighting within the District.

09-24-08 | NVWARN

Recently, Round Hill General Improvement District joined forces with Nevada Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network (NVWARN). Our association with this group allows the District to utilize resources from other Nevada agencies in the event of an emergency. This mutual aid agreement is intended to clarify the responsibilities between members in an emergency, and it creates a database of equipment resources available for use between agencies. WARN organizations have/are being formed across the country. It is likely that a national WARN agreement will be developed in the near future.

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Quagga Mussel

Quagga Mussels — 
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